Studio Services

Cliff's studio services include not only world-class vocalists and session musicians but also the ability to stream the recording session live and in full-fidelity to clients wherever they are in the world.

Writing a great song is only the beginning

If you’re serious about pitching your songs, a professional recording is a must. Unprofessional/home recordings risk creating an unnecessary distraction and brand you as an amateur which is a difficult reputation to undo. A polished studio recording of your song will not only mark you as a serious songwriter but will also put your song in the broadcast-quality format that the music industry decision makers expect.

Recording your song isn’t something you should simply leave up to others

While it’s important to go to professionals to make a quality recording, the process is still highly subjective. 

Not only does Cliff discuss the best approach to your songs with you in advance of your session (e.g., which singer and what arrangement works best) but he also makes sure that you have a chance to fully explain your vision for the final studio recording. 

To that end, our studio system allows you, the songwriter, to listen to your session live - and in full-fidelity - from wherever you are in the world so that your vision for your song can be fully realized.

Watch Cliff explain his long distance recording approach from the Nashville studio 

If you would more details about how we work and a ballpark range of our prices, complete the form below and click the "More Details" button. 

Benefits of working with Cliff include:

  • Cliff produces every project personally
  • Cliff's 25-years of studio experience including work for most major music publishers and multiple GRAMMY winners.
  • World-class studio vocalists and session musicians
  • Live streaming of your session while you listen/connect to Cliff's studio online
  • A guaranteed remix of your song
  • A set project fee/no hourly rates